Essence of Thanksgiving


How else can I give you thanks or show you how grateful I am;
I pay my offering every Sunday and I never miss my tithe too
Yet I still go through these trials and temptation;
I call out to you but you intentionally ignored me

Where have I gone wrong?
I believed in your Son and I also believed in your word
I have waited on you day and night for you to answer my prayers
But you kept quiet and just watched me go through
These trials in agony and yet you say you love me

I guess I troubled you so much that you got tired
When you finally decided to answer all my questions and this was your reply
“It was profitable for your goal but what amazed me is that
You didn’t suffer to the Point that Job did, but he never complained;
You went through one third and you are complaining

I expected more from you but you disappointed me
I thought you were matured enough to know that
How would you understand when you cram my words?
And never meditated on it? For me to teach you;

You disobeyed my instruction by not meditating on
My words yet my exceeding mercies covered you
You have forgotten that your ministry is
But you can’t accomplish that when you don’t have a life of praise

You keep thinking that offering and tithe is all I am interested in.
You keep saying I have Prayed and prayed but you fail PRAISE ME
I am God no matter what and I can raise stones to PRAISE me

Have you not heard? Have you not read it in my word?
That you should never CEASE TO GIVE THANKS
I have forgiven you for your lack of knowledge
So rise and begin to GIVE ME THANKS


I’m seated on this hot seat; drenched in frustration
Watching two hours of my life waste away
Just because I don’t have power over it
Due to the fact that it has been transferred to
The prison warder called examination


So now he determines my free time
This is meant to be the other way round
‘Because I’m at a disadvantage here
I tried to get the upper hand but was denied

So what happened to the so called “you own your life”
Because we all know that TIME = LIFE
Right from day one; our lives has been filled with controlling factors…
Our parents, teachers, invigilators, doctors, mechanics, police force…
Just to mention a few

But they all cover it all with “we are doing it for your good”
Do we have a life of our own or are we just slaves with many masters?
You may not serve two masters at a time but
You sometimes serve more than two in a day!!!

So can someone tell this jailer I’m done serving my term for now?
And so holding me beyond normal gives me the right to sue
But you can’t claim rights in prison so… what’s the point?!!!
By the time you are out; it’s too late even with the evidence
So is it justice and democracy or slavery, you decide

I have a lot to improve myself with in these two hours; but it’s all a waste!!!
And when you are not productive; they blame you
They claim they were geeks but go check their resume….
Power is sweet but people act like pigs when they have it

They would say “be orderly” but they cause the “chaos”
And they would complain and say the people are out of control
Is it democracy or hypocrisy?
Where they let the power take control over them and not vice versa


Hello readers, one important factor i forgot to ask was that the uprooted of replanted i wrote yesterday is under a series called The Connection. I PRAY THAT AS YOU READ THIS THE HOLY SPIRIT WOULD MINISTER TO YOU…

The heart is the dwelling place of God; it is responsible for your living. The moment you gave your life to Christ, your mind was devoid. It was like there was a hole in your heart, you felt incomplete. I had that experience the day I was baptized by immersion (three days after giving my life to Christ); I went around asking and telling people that I’m earnestly seeking for this God, I earnestly searching for the knowledge of this God because I feel like I don’t know myself.

I was fifteen and I didn’t know myself, do you know or can you feel how stupid that sounds? I finally found help, I was told to get a book called “Growing up Spiritually by Kenneth Hagin” and at the same time, I should study the word. When I sat down and thought about it, I wondered where to start in the word. I grew up in a Christian home where the bible was the most boring book; we only read it for the stories in it and also to fulfill righteousness and the assignments that was given to us.
I started reading from the book of Ephesians as he (the Holy Spirit) led me to and as I was reading the book that I got from the bookstore. I could read a verse from the book and I would instantly want to read the whole chapter and that was how I started. I began to realize that I was like a baby and so I was completely attached to God and can’t do without him at all times and cost. The truth is that at this stage wherever you hear about God, you would be found there because you are trying every means and ways to get the emptiness in your heart filled. This zeal that is being filled here is done by God he feeds you till you are filled and waits for you again to come hungry and he feeds you again. Here, you would go and excitedly scatter the food in your mouth around anywhere you go.

It reminds me of a baby that I go and visit, it is mostly when her mother finishes feeding her that I often come in and so when I carry her, she would spill the particles on her mouth over my clothes. I would just smile and clean her mouth then when I get home, I would wash my shirt or she could spill it on the floor. All she wants is for you to accept it from her whether you want it or not. Even when babies are around one or two years old and eat biscuit and they are full and mess it up, they offer you and expect you to collect it from them even if you don’t want.

As we grow gradually, especially when we at the teenage age of our lives, there is a little freedom your parent will give you to do what you want and believe with the basic training that has been given to you, you would make the right choice so they just watch at a distance and are always ready to correct you of your mistake; So does God. It gets to a point when he believes and knows you’ve studied the basic that he will give you a little distance and choice. When you became a teen or a child that can walk and knows it left from the right, when you are hunger, you would walk yourself to where the food it and ask for food and eat. This is the stage that we mostly lose consistency because we need to discipline ourselves and if we don’t do that, it will affect our adulthood. At this point, you’ve picked the shovel to fill the heart with his word.

This is stage we learn and remove so many habits in our lives and if we are not careful, we could let pride in because as teenagers, we tend to over-do things because we feel we are in a competition and tend to do things ourselves, we find it difficult to submit and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. These are the days of tough battles between us and the Holy Spirit and so to develop that intimacy is difficult. We need to be careful because if we overfill the hole in our heart, we would feel we’ve learnt all we need to learn and so we don’t need anyone to tell us how to behave. It the time we might begin to practically walk in love depends on our decision and this is the period we need to pray this prayer earnestly “the Grace to surrender to His Will and yearn for more of Him.” Trust me you need God here than you will ever need him in your life.

This final stage which is adulthood is determined by your teenage intimacy with God. It is the stage you learn to level the pit in the Heart and sustain it. It is the stage you will begin to be led fully without any resistance what so ever. It is the stage of strong neat where you are not moved by false doctrine but you judge all spirit through the word of God. It is when you would have the zeal for the knowledge of God and not the manifestations thereof. This is the stage you would always rejoice when you see persecution because you know that it is there to teach you endurance, patience and also open you up to another realm of the knowledge of God. This is the stage that your lifetime vision and mission is “to know Him and fellowship with his suffering and the power of His resurrection being made conformable unto death.”

My final note to you that I want you to ponder on is this: what stage are you in? Are you under-filled, overfilled, or under-filled? Once you can answer these questions, then you can know what prayer to pray and how work on yourself through the work of the Holy Spirit.

THE CONNETION: Uprooted or Replanted

Being uprooted comes in two ways, the first time is better and this stage happens to all Christians. When we gave our lives to Christ, we were all uprooted and replanted into his kingdom. The first period we were uprooted was from sin and death into his marvellous light and then we became replanted in his vineyard.


We went through a process of being replanted from a seed to a tree. Just as flowers are not planted directly but monitored for a while, before being transferred, so are we. We were planted as seed and nurtured by the gardener (Christ) and when we started growing to a certain point; he uprooted us again and replanted us with others.

At this stage, we were seldom watered but mostly given out to sunshine. This is the point the believer begin to lose the taste or the elixir of life. He interferes at the times when needed. Then we are later released into the open air to survive, we are believed to handle all our decisions ourselves with the consciousness of being ready to face the consequence.

At this stage, we mostly feel like we know a lot about the bible and so we begin to go out and teach the word to people and then most times we get intoxicated with the power that we lose the zeal of His knowledge. This stage is a very sensitive stage so much that we might lose touch of God and the painful thing is that if you get uprooted, you may not sense it; because a tree or branch doesn’t dry off immediately. As ironical as it will sound, there was a parable of a fig tree that was not producing fruit. Re-plantation happens to Christians when Christians in the above process.

I leave you with this; it is easier to be uprooted than to be replanted and you don’t always get replanted when you are uprooted so watch it!!! Finally, meditate on this: we are branches and trees planted in Him and around Him. Are you uprooted and replanted?


I want to know you; I want to see your face
I want to run after you; I hunger to come up hither

I’m tired of being in my comfort zone
I’m ready to step into the danger zone
I’m ready to embrace you; I’m ready to do what it takes

I’m ready to go the extra mile; but I can’t do it on my own
My soul longs after you… but my leg can’t run the distance
Neither can body endure the pain yet I endure the persecution
Because I want to know you and fellowship with your suffering

I need you and I will forever be longing; I want you at all cost
I want your presence evidently; I want you to lay flat this mountain
And open up the heaven that I may enter in

Bring forth heaven on earth
Here is my prayer, hunger and thirst; that I will be ALL
Always Longing: Longing for your presence


Hearken Unto Me Again I Say Hearken
Look above you, tell me what thou seeth
It is the heart cry of a Mighty King!!!
He weeps for you; for you grief Him
He was pained for you were not at his ceremony
So He decided to come dine with you
He sent His town criers to ring forth the bell
And announce His Arrival

Hearken Unto Me Again I say Hearken
For those who prepared the royal meal
And those who planneth the event now relent
His people now see His town criers as beggars
And submit to get robbed by attention seekers
Yet they cry out to him after being bankrupt

Hearken Unto Me Again I say Hearken
For He beareth it not neither can he stand
To see the tears of His people fill His tank
So He showers off riches and now He is deserted

Hearken Unto Me Again I say Hearken
For a day cometh when His town criers leaveth
A day cometh when He will Visit; and we will retreat
Because we’re filled with deceit and He shall return depressed

Hearken Unto Me Again I say Hearken
For a Tyrant cometh which we feareth
Then we will regret; the treatment dispatched “To the Great King”
Then shall we wail, but it will be too late
Because the King’s reign is over and the tyrant lives till eternity!!!

Hearken Unto Me Again I say Hearken
Hearken to the voice of the crier
Hearken to the plan of salvation
Hearken to the voice of one descend
Hearken to the voice of that who brings liberty
Hearken today because tomorrow may be too late!!!

Hearken Unto Me Again I say Hearken
Hearken as a town crier speaks to his people
Hearken unto me because I pray that day cometh not
I am just a messenger who submits to His master’s will


Reply to Victory’s post

The kinds of status we would be updating on FB, Twitter & Instagram if we were in the times of Moses, Noah, Adam and Abraham:

1. Guys its scary, Lot’s wife just turned into a pillar of salt. #shaking‬ – first live horror movie

2. Pimping my camel, Jerusalem here I come… – it would be d first bentley

3. Just chilling in first class at Noah’s ark, the view here is fantastic.. But these Lions keep staring at me weird. #Noahsvoyage‬ – it would be d first trip to use ticket

4. Chilling with Moses by Mt Sinai…miracles be going down here. – dat wud be ma balcony

5. Eve and hubby got banished, they ate the forbidden fruit. I mean who does that? #smh‬ – I would be looking for d highest mountain top

6. Jacob’s status: Things we do for love, can’t believe I served her father for 14 years just to get her. Love u Rachel!- first love portion

7. Some people are so cruel! Cain how do u kill your own brother? #RIPAbel‬ – I wud attend d burial 2 eat fruit

8. One of Jesus’ disciples post: What a long day…Walking and preaching the gospel. Now chilling with my brothers. These guys are funny…LLP! (Laughing Like Pharoah) – nite of a thousand laugh

9. Isaac: Damn, dad nearly sacrificed me… #selfiewithram‬ ya’ll – u cnt blame him, children re not scare in heaven

10. Mary: Joseph is not replying my whatsapp messages. He still thinks i cheated…Grow up duh?!! – tell am; hw will u cheat nd still be a virgin

11. David: Guys this balcony is da sheeit! …I can see everything. Female anatomy 101 #word‬ – letz make it a science lab

12. Jezebel: Victoria’s Secret is da bomb… – turn 2 Boko Haram

13. Cant believe Elisha just allowed bears to eat up those children. #Like‬ seriously. – go collect d bone make we call ezekiel

14. Samson: The chick sold me out…I’m going to bring the roof down on this party. – abeg, make I comot; I be nazarite

15. Judas did what? That bro ain’t loyal.#smh.. – na glutton

Lol 🙂 Hope you had a good laugh? We all need a little fun and laughter in our lives. The Bible says “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” (Proverbs 17:22). Which of these jokes made you laugh the most?

(A friend sent me these jokes. I laughed pretty hard too!)

D Authenticity of Christianity

D gospel is never about prosperity but about the good news of Christ death, cruxifiction nd resurrection. So ny gospel dat teaches prosperity is a false doctrine.

D law was given 2 us 2 break nd for us to see our imperfection (4 our righteousness is lyk filthy rag b4 God). D law was put in charge 2 lead us 2 christ!!! (Gal 3:24-25).

Y then did Christ fulfill d law (˘̯˘ )?
Read Gal 4:1-7
He did it because it wasn’t time for him to be glorified because he was still a child. D appointed time was when he became the sacrificial lamb so that we wouldn’t have to shed blood again but come before the father just as we are (in weakness) and ask for forgiveness. “This is d Authenticity of Christianity”


I heard that a movie called “CORPUS CHRISTI” meaning “the christ body” is due to be released this June to August. It is said of the movie that it is blasphemous and it depicts our Lord Jesus Christ and His Disciples as Homosexuals. Pls I urge you that we should stand against it just as some europian region has done. Let’s pray that God showers His Mercy on them all and lead them to repentance.